Leggings Fit Guide

Leggings  Fit Guide

 We’re all about the fit here at FitPink.

So here are our top tips to help you find the right leggings for you.

Get ready to feel a fit like you have never felt before.

Let’s Find Your Perfect Fit 


Our Sports,  Elevate and Compression Leggings are true to size. Choose what you normally would be in this kind of product. If you are a 14, then you are a 14. For those in-between sizes we recommend you choose the smaller size.


 Our Sports Leggings - These are lighter and have one of our favourite features; pockets. They provide medium support and are high waisted. The mesh detail allows for extra breathability, and these leggings are also moisture-wicking and squat-proof.

Our Cropped Sports Leggings - All the same as above, but by being shorter in design and on the leg, means a higher level of breathability.

FitPink Cropped leggings

 Our Elevate Leggings - Like our Sports leggings, they are on the lighter side and have pockets. Squat-proof and sweat-absorbent, they also have the extra breathability factor. When it comes to support, they provide a medium level and are also high-waisted.

FitPink Elevate leggings length comparisonFitPink 7/8 Leggings length comparison

 Our Compression leggings- A heavier fabric, they are a new level in sculpted, firm fit. They hug the body and smooth it out. Providing a higher level of support on the abdominals and lower back muscles, they are also high waisted, squat-proof and sweat absorbent.

FitPink compression leggings length comparison

 Our Compression Leggings Extra Firm - These are everything the Compression leggings are but extra. From extra sculpt to extra firm fit, they are all you could ever need in supportive leggings.

Leggings Fit Guide


 If you are worried about leg length, don’t be. As you can see from the image above; FitPink compression leggings are designed to fit legs from 5ft to 6ft as they are made to fit you rather than you fitting them.

Our Elevate 7/8 range which are intentionally shorter. For those of you who are 5'5" or under, we suggest going with the 7/8 length to avoid fabric bunching at the ankle. These will be full length and neatly fitted if you are under 5'5". 

If you are still concerned, we’d recommend you go with our Compression leggings as they really mould to both the shape of your body and the length of your leg. Customers from 5 foot to 6 foot say these work well in length !



We get that you need the right pair of leggings to match your lifestyle.

If you want to know which ones are best for what you need them for, check out our activity list.

 Everyday Wear - Sports, Elevate and Compression. 

Gym and Exercise Classes - Elevate, Sports and Compression. 

Yoga and Pilates - Compression. 

Cardio - Sports and Elevate.

Weight Training - Compression.

Walking - Cropped and Elevate.

Running - Sports, Elevate and Cropped.


Overall, if you are doing a higher intensity activity, we suggest going with the more breathable option like Sports, Elevate and Cropped leggings. The material allows for greater breathability and has pockets to carry your phone.

If you want leggings designed with ultra sculpting of your body in mind and provide extra support, we say go with our Compression fit.


If you still have questions, get in touch, and we’ll be happy to help you find the fit for you.

Feel free to call us on 087 1027908 on Monday - Thursday between 9 am-5 pm and Friday between 9 am-3 pm or click our Live Chat option on our website. 

You can also check out a list of the most popular questions we get asked on our Instagram and Facebook, which we regularly update.