What is International Leggings Day?

What is International Leggings Day?

International Leggings Day

Before you say it, there is a day for everything nowadays – some matter a lot and some not so much but let’s not judge to quickly as what some may find trivial some will find meaning in. 

When I 1st started my journey with FitPink I completely underestimated what leggings meant to our customers. My background was in fashion but Irish tweed so I never knew that women had so many issues with leggings.  I quickly learned that Jenni our CEO had developed the answer to those issues and that a whole community of women where behind her. 

There has been a small team behind FitPink for the last 2 years, developing a brand with leggings at its core, so of course FitPink was always going to become personal to us which meant that all your comments, feedback and reviews influenced our story and our processes. There are days when our customers make us laugh and smile and days where you inspire us to re evaluate or improve. 

We have heard it again and again, women want high waisted, squat proof leggings.  Leggings that do not slip.  Leggings that give us confidence, make us feel comfortable, supported and take us from WFM, shopping, lounging, to the gym or great outdoors.  Its not only about looking good but FEELING GREAT no matter what your size or shape.   So it’s a resounding YES to celebrating something that ticks all these boxes. 

For me International Leggings Day means I am going to celebrate FitPink.  The jobs it has created and will create. The women and men taking part in our story.  Our community and the support we give each other.  Behind our offices door lie mentors, friends, colleagues helping each other to better themselves professionally. 

FitPink supports Plan International helping girls in underdeveloped countries, LEAD, LEARN, DECIDE & THRIVE and to date FitPink has donated over €10,000 to date.  

Unwittingly to all of us in HQ I think that LEAD LEARN DECIDE & THRIVE somehow become part of FitPinks DNA. 

Today I celebrate the people behind FitPink , a team instilling these values in each other daily.  Leading from within, Learning from our peers, being part of the decisions that have helped and will continue to help this company thrive. 

So to us Leggings day is so much more than another date in the diary, it is a date were we can celebrate our tribe, the women who have spread the word, who have supported us in the past and continue to do so. 

Laura x

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